Bear Hands - Crime Pays

christopher on December 22 2010

Look at Brookly's own stepping it up on the new album. Also look how I tied this song in to Alex's comment a couple posts ago. NICE!

James Blake - I only know what I know now

chris on April 19 2011

This is off the Klavierwerke EP. Sorry about the site being down earlier, it happens.

Memory Tapes - Green Knight

chris on January 06 2010

This entire album is great, and great to work to because you can kind-of ignore it. Something that I can't ignore, on the other hand, are the tires that are slashed on my car. I love Brooklyn! I have to go deal with that real quick.

Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets

alex on June 17 2011

I've been eating a fuck ton of candy lately. CANDY Y U TASTE SO GOOD? I'm quickly approaching that 2 year mark where I goto the dentist and get my mouth taken care of. I dont think I've ever seen anyone look so let down than when I goto the dentist. At least I dont fuck around when they ask me shit like how much i'm flossing. "oh me? yea never."

Werewolf Congress - Hipster Empire

alex on August 01 2011

If I was three years old I would call this site weft as wain.

TV on the Radio - DLZ

chris on September 07 2011

We will be dj'n at HighHorse tomorrow. It has been a while. A little birthday sesh for me.

The Yacolt Burn - Out of Your Head

Alex on May 13 2015

Cruising Soundcloud's song recommendations can be so rewarding. Take The Yacolt Burn for instance, 24 followers on Soundcloud... Listen to this track, this guy kills it and only 24 people want to hear more music from them?? Well I for one will jump on board and be the 25th...... ....and my axe.

Taken By Trees - Too Young (TTA Remix)

christopher on June 16 2009

Layers building and building.

Jim James and Calexico - Goin' To Acapulco

chris on October 13 2008

Sorry for the Hiatus, but I have been broken. Here is a track from Todd Haynes' Im Not There. I have to tell you that Richard Gere surprised me in this scene. Damn near a tear jerker.

My Morning Jacket - Holding on to Black Metal

2cool4schoolalex on May 05 2011

Gotta love that last second of the track.. LETS ROCK! epicjams4realz