Arcade Fire - Wake Up

christopher on February 02 2009

YOU BETTER LOOK OUT FOR LOVE. There is a feeling of hugeness in their music which i absolutely love. It is an event.

Nightlands - I Fell In Love With A Feeling

chris on April 16 2013

I feel like I've been shot in the neck by a tranquilizer dart and I'm struggling to make it through the day.

BØRNS - 10,000 Emerald Pools

Alex on November 12 2014

Something tells me we can expect hear a ton more from BØRNS. With a Portugal The Man base and a dash of poppy synth it's undeniably a hit recipe for a popular band. Their EP, Candy, gives off the same vibes as MGMT and Passion Pits early work - while we all know those bands are just completely relevant these days we can't deny their early work was spot on.

Basically what I'm saying is - when BØRNS is playing Madison Square Garden and you ask me to go see the show I'll say "We posted them like 2 and half years ago get with the times."

Toro Y Moi - Still Sound

chrissy t on February 03 2011

Thanks for tuning in to radio chrissy t, bringing you cool vibes to type to.

Sufjan Stevens - The Perpetual Self or What Would Saul Alinsky Do?

alex on November 30 2009

I recently heard this track during a trailer for a documentary about babies around the world. I'll most certainly never see this baby movie BUT the trailer did remind me how amazing Mr. Stevens is. I'm also fairly certain Sufjan is some form of alien sent to earth to give us all better taste in music, and im totally ok with that. Sufjan, we salute you, I guess in your language that would sound something like butterfly butterfly swan wing rat whisker.

Thief - Broken Boy

chris on July 01 2014

The main thing I miss about the south is not the relaxed pace of living, or the generally better quality of life... it's the Waffle House.

HAERTS - 10 Wings

Chris on December 14 2012

About to go to my work holiday party and my palms starting to sweat. I must try hard to not get fired. you can do it chris.

Lenny Kravitz - It Aint Over

chris on January 30 2009

Hey Baby Girl, It Aint Over Till Its Over. Gettin drunk in the office! Watch out!

Yeasayer - Ambling Alp

alex on November 02 2009

I am in complete disbelief of how good this song is. Yeasayer has gone Super Saiyen.

Built To Spill - Strange

chris on September 03 2009

Think dark thoughts; It makes your music better.