Garden City Movement

chris on March 31 2014

I would file this under the genre, Chill As Fuggg. You can do some serous contemplating to this music.

Portugal, The Man - The Sun

alex on July 02 2009

New Portugal, The Man which proves he really is, in fact, the man. Welp it's July, were knee deep in summer time and about to light off some fucking explosions.

Mndr - I Go Away

chris on April 07 2011

So jury duty is officially the worser than worstest.

Antlers - Intruders

alex on June 23 2014

One of those songs you can just lose yourself in. Bills, drama, work, future - none of that shit matters when you find yourself knee deep in a heart heavy melody. Antlers AKA soul bathing music.

Pillar Point - Cherry

chris on January 21 2014

Come on Pillar Point, quit trying to steal my heart away. This is what people in the industry refer to as "that hot fire."

Buildings Breeding - Storyline

chris on April 21 2009

Sometimes you search for music. Sometimes you search for music and actually find it. But on some rare occasions music finds you.

Keep Shelly in Athens - Flyway

chris on September 27 2013

Here is another entry from Chris' Badass Soundtrack series. This is from the - frantically searching through the streets of London - scene.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden

alex on June 14 2012

Just had a solo dance party in the shower listening to this track. I cant fucking stand writing out Totally Enormouse Extinct Dinosaurs, even saying it makes you sound like an asshole - this dude needs to become more popular so we can just refer to him as TEED. I doubt TEED will have any trouble racking up the fame considering his latest album is off the charts flawless. Due to Chris' comment in the previous post I added album titles, I think it clutters up the site - what do the listeners think?

Purity Ring - Ungirthed

alex on July 12 2012

Some day I'll be on the recieving end of a slow clap which progresses to hysterical cheering....

Max Frost - Let Me Down Easy

Alex on November 10 2015

Yep. It's one of those guilty pleasure pop tracks that just sucks you in, don't resist - just let it consume you. I wont lie, I accompany mr Frost's vocals with my pathetic asthmatic lungs.