Gayngs - The Walker

christopher on October 11 2010

17 hour work days with no end in sight. Everyday feels like a lucid dream.

Chris Garneau - No More Pirates

alex on July 07 2009

Im almost positive Chris Garneau is an undercover angel.... just sayin.

Perfume - Kiss and Music

chris on September 20 2010

I highly recommend that you do not download the entire album based on this track. However, if you are in fact a 13 year old japanese schoolgirl, scream and shout and run to the store immediately to spend all your allowance.

King Tuff - Just Strut

chris on February 12 2013

I'd like to dedicate this to Chris Goldstein, for not thinking anyone cares.

Built to Spill - Reasons

chris on January 28 2009

Built to Spill makes me want to run away from home. In a good way. A very good way.

Florence and the Machine - Dog Days Are Over ( Yeasayer Remix)

alex on October 16 2010

very saucy remix.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Phantasthma

christopher on July 28 2009

What should I do but tend upon the times of your desire? I have no time that is precious to spend, nor services to do, till you require. - WS

Blood Orange - Sutphin Boulevard

chris on April 08 2013

Great band on the up and up. Shout out to PJ for repping Blood Orange since day 1.

The Juan MacLean - You Were A Runaway

chris on September 17 2014

Lemme break you off with another track off this recently released bad ass album. For some reason I hear elements of Fleetwood Mac in the early parts of this song. It has a similar progression to Little Lies. The entire album is a neue disco banger.

Panama - Always - Classixx Remix

chris on December 17 2013

While your at it, just go ahead and toss this one up on the holiday party playlist. I mean if you want to have a good time.