Milk Music - Illeagal and Free

chris on April 03 2013

Milk Music, just what the doctor ordered. Now this I can get down with. AMERICA!!!!!

Rogue Wave - Eyes

alex on December 11 2009

Oh my beloved Rogue Wave, your new album comes out march 2010. Not soon enough. Hands down one of my favorite bands.

Kindness - House

chris on April 12 2012

If you haven't picked up this album yet then you are a dummy. Stop being a dummy you dum dum and put some kindness in your ear holes. Tangent, so I went to a leather party last night and shit got a little weird. Goldstein may or may not have had something up his butt. New York, sometimes it's best not to ask questions and just bask in it's glory.

Band Of Horses - Blue Beard

chris on April 30 2010

So let's start this day out easy with a track from the new album from Band of Horses that leaves something to be desired. In an hour or two I am going to kick it up a notch, so stay tuned. Oh yeah, as alex said, we are going to blow the mo'fuckin roof off duck duck tomorrow.

HAERTS - 10 Wings

Chris on December 14 2012

About to go to my work holiday party and my palms starting to sweat. I must try hard to not get fired. you can do it chris.

The Russian Futurists (Stars Cover) - The First Five Times

chris on December 26 2008

Stars seem to be right on time as far as lyrics are concerned. A bit dark and negative, which is a good thing. Here is a track from last years album consisting of Stars covers. TRF's albums are dinamite too.

Mac DeMarco - Passing Out

chris on January 21 2014

This track is an hour old... now this is having your finger on the pulse. Martin had a dream! Martin had a dream! Kendrick have a dream!

Moons - Bloody Mouth

alex on June 01 2012

filled with guac, ready to rock.

Charles Bradley and The Menahan Street Band - Stay Away

alex on September 22 2011

Yep, its a Nirvana cover and yes - its awesome.

Tennis - Mean Streets

Alex on November 11 2013

A perfect track to kick off this cold Monday morning. No jokes here, folks... just cold bitter reluctance to kick this week off.