Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur - Household Goods

alex on May 25 2011

This band has been sent from outter space to rock our worlds. I will also be joining Mr Christopher and crew in Savannah GA this weekend, holla.

Leavves - High

chris on October 12 2011

I was just going to have one drink. That went terribly wrong. I found this track on This Music Doesnt Suck.

Jesse Ruins - Dream Analysis

alex on December 13 2012

Japan is home to many awesome things IE sushi, weird advertising, tentacle porn, flashing colors, and most importantly - Jesse Ruins. It's like Neon Indian took a Xanex.

Wye Oak - I Hope You Die

christopher on March 19 2010

I think the best part about being president would be the on-call gourmet chef. just sayin.

Arizona - Colors

chris on March 13 2009

Just sitting on the couch watching Passenger 57. Hey, before you pass judgement you need to know a thing or two about my couch. It is so comfortable it makes just about anything look and sound good. Even Wesley Snipes. So if you don't like this track, blame my couch not me.

BRVS - Pale

Alex on August 07 2015

Man you guys.. I wen't to set the new version of left as rain live last night and double checked browser compatibility and it wasn't working in Safari. It was a punch to the gut... my attempt to secure songs from being downloaded was thwarted by the ghost of Steve Jobs. He's still bitter I used to be a Flash developer...

Mazarin - Louise

alex on January 07 2008

Chris forgot to mention that you can hang out with us at duck duck on Saturday anytime after 10. Ill give you the run down of what will be there- Booze, Chris, Booze, Alex, Booze, Loud Music, Booze, Dru serving Booze, a good time, and Booze.

Cloud Control - Scar

chris on August 19 2013

This song is made up of excellent moments, that come together into a supreme whole. Gestalt baby. The wholeness.

Nurses - Trying to Reach You

chris on July 26 2013

Totally singing this, trying to meet you, for about 5 minutes. Wrong Chris, it's reach you dumbass. Oh and whats the deal with crazy people and bags? I watched an insane woman rearrange pieces of scrap paper in a bag for 15 minutes straight on the train today. Let's be honest and just call it trash actually. She was rearranging trash.

Crayon Fields - All The Pleaseures Of The World

chris on August 03 2011

Ok people, lets not dwell on the past. To keep it moving into the future I bring you Mr. 1001.