TV Girl - Overboard - Drity Gold cover

chris on April 25 2011

Got this track from the great music blog, this music doesnt suck. It's like George Harrison meets Shadow. Very cool.

Speedy Ortiz - Silver Spring

chris on November 19 2013

The Burbs is playing at BAM in Brooklyn tonight. Tom Hanks was so good in this period of his career. Examples: Joe Versus the Volcano, Dragnet, Big, and Turner and Hooch. COME ON! See. You. There.

Solid Gold - Sold God

alex on October 31 2012

Sooo... New York is a shit show...

Van She - Radio Waves I

alex on July 10 2012

Serious slump of new good music, I blame big oil and fox news.

Phantom Planet - Turn Smile Shift Repeat

Alex on April 22 2014

I recently re-visited Phantom Planet's discography. This is now my new favorite jam by the planeteers. I would do horribly filthy things for a new Phantom Planet album.

Ralph Myerz - Grey Goose

alex on December 11 2008

I'm in the dirty south soon till sunday. peace out shitty ass weather ny, hello shitty ass weather in atlanta! There's a metric shit ton of good rappers on this track I just dont feel like writing a two page long featuring list. I had something funny as fuck to write today but i forgot to write it down when i thought of it, assuming I would just remember, well i didnt. What'd one snow man say to the other? Smells like carrots. LOL!!!

Bright Light Bright Light & Ana Matronic - West End Girls

Alex on January 12 2016

Whenever I hear tracks like this all I can think about is Giovani Ribisi crushing the dancing situation.

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck - Heaven Can Wait

alex on November 20 2009

Charlotte and Beck killin it. It's Friday, lets tango.

Patrick Watson - Luscious Life

alex on November 19 2008

Love this duder, if you dont have this album yet youre slippin. in other news: its fucking freezing in ny, want to buy warm weather again.

World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation - Heavy Pop

chris on June 09 2010

WU LYF clan aint nothin to fuck with.