Big Face - Style Crusader (DatA Remix)

alex on November 21 2008

Wo, national dance like a robot day got really out of control. Good thing that only happens once a year.

The Sea And Cake - On A Letter

chris on November 21 2008

I'm drunjk at work! whooooo! happy work thanksgiving. This cd is in my car right now and I digs it. Predictable TSAC but I likes.

Captain Black - Sister

alex on November 20 2008

So I for one will be out tonight celebrating national dance like a robot day doing guess what?-the robot. I can only hope that while I'm sporadically moving my arms around that someone else half way across the country is also enjoying a mechanical good time. In other news: im retarded.

Kidda - Strong Together

alex on November 20 2008

A Two-fer of Kidda today, enjoy. It's Thursday, and I'd like to take this chance to make today national dance like a robot day, so from this day forth November 20th is dance like a robot day. If you dont dance like a robot tonight, youre not only letting me down, but little metal robot hearts everywhere. You dont want robots crying oil all over that new hoodie do you?

Kidda - VIP

alex on November 20 2008

Check out Kidda theyre money, sort of a Jurassic 5 Go Team mixture. High five!

Deastro - Michael, The Lone Archer of the North Shore

alex on November 19 2008

I havnt decieded if I like these guys yet, sort of a postal service steez. What sold me on their album is the cover artwork which consists of a sweet human looking cat head with three eyes shooting lasers in a spacefield, i mean if you look up awesome in the dictionary there's a picture of that.

Someone Still Loves Your Boris Yeltsin - House Fire

alex on November 19 2008

I'm gonna try to post a decent amount of tracks today and get a more solid playlist going on, additionally im gonna try to break the site/server and do some load testing. If the sites down tonight you can e mail me and say "hey alex, you broke the fucking site" and then ill respond "hey jerk face, you broke broke something once" and then awkwardly step back slowly from my keyboard.

Patrick Watson - Luscious Life

alex on November 19 2008

Love this duder, if you dont have this album yet youre slippin. in other news: its fucking freezing in ny, want to buy warm weather again.

The Pierces - Turn On Billie

alex on November 18 2008

The Pierce sisters are absolute foxes. I wanna give them both a jumping high five at the same time, karate kick the air, come down and punch the ground, at which point we'll walk off into the horizon with cars exploding in our wake. I feel like Michael Bay.

The Last Shadow Puppets - Time Has Come Again

chris on November 17 2008

I'm gonna bring it down a notch kiddies, let us swoon to The Last Shadow Puppets. Wow, that word can mean something great or something has gone horribly wrong. A spontaneous loss of consciousness caused by insufficient blood. That is the bad swoon.