Ra Ra Riot - Boy

alexander on July 20 2010

really really ridiculously good music.

Gaurds - Resolution of One

christopher on July 19 2010

I'm really getting in to Gaurds. Oh, and for all you bands that are looking for a name, try to choose something that is not absolutely impossible to google.

Frankie Rose and the Outs - Little Brown Haired Girls

christopher on July 16 2010

Where oh where has christopher been? I'll tell you where, straight relaxing in the South. I'm back now, so here is some of what you came for.

Shiv Hurrah - Heart of Lead

alex - providing poop advice since 1996 on July 15 2010

David from Shiv Hurrah was kind enough to e-mail us Shiv Hurrah's new EP, excellent stuff. I just got chocolate all over my face while writing this, i guess i got a little too excited. if someone walked into my room right now they would probably think it was poop all over my face, and id be all like nah dawg, thats imported chocolate. remember that line, you may need to use it next time you shit your pants.

Baths - Indoorsy

alex on July 13 2010

Here's another post which went the way of the buffalo due to chris' negligence, boo this man. However the first post was a different Bath's song, you see ive had sometime to marinate on this band and I've discovered amazing things. Im fairly certain I can hear the vocalist from Miike Snow on one track.. and possibly the singer from Passion Pit? Too bad I cant find dick for info on this band.

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Diggin

alex on July 13 2010

Ive been looking for this mp3 for like over a year, one could say i was diggin' for it everywhere. HAHA! FUNNY JOKES TUESDAY!! ... you see, this post was originally up on a Friday but Mr Chris decided to be a lazy bum and copy over my post, which resulted in me re posting it on a tuesday, the previous punchline was FUNNY JOKES FRIDAY!! which made a lot more sense. however the diggin pun still stands strong.

Tokyo Police Club - Wait Up (Boots Of Danger) (RAC Remix)

alex on July 07 2010

Tokyo Police Club and RAC combine to form a musical Voltron.

Local Natives Teen Daze Remix - World News

christopher on July 08 2010

Slow build up, then a great pay off. You see it's a metaphor for life... I'll shut up now.

Department of Eagles - Brightest Minds

alex on July 07 2010

stumbled upon some amazing department of eagles b-sides. i had a really hard time deciding which song to post off this album because theyre all so mind numbingly boner inducingly good.

The Chap - We Work in Bars

alex on July 06 2010

no description can do this track any justice so just crank that shit to 11 and rock out.