Yeasayer - Ambling Alp

alex on November 02 2009

I am in complete disbelief of how good this song is. Yeasayer has gone Super Saiyen.

The Smiths - This Night Has Opened My Eyes

chris on November 02 2009

She could have been a poet or she could have been a fool.

Dead Man's Bones - My Body's a Zombie for You

alex on October 31 2009

A.) amazing track B.) i make a fucking great teen wolf C.) happy fucking halloween D.) is it weird i relate to this song? E.) there is no E, but if there was you can bet it would be epic.

Jookabox - Phantom Dont Go

alex on October 29 2009

Here's the latest off our favorite label Asthmatic Kitty. Sounds like TV On The Radio on steroids, damn y'all.

Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins - Ancient Chinese Secret

christopher on October 29 2009

Halloween is on the horizon and I havent even finished finding all the elements to my ensemble. If you like this check out Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra.

The Almighty Defenders - Cone Of Light

chris on October 27 2009

I have one word to describe this band live, holy fucking wowzer shit fuck. That is a good thing by the way. Praise Jesus!

Golden Silvers - Arrows Of Eros

alex on October 27 2009

This track features the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble droppin some fuckin knowledge.

The Big Pink - Tonight

chris on October 26 2009

This goes out to the duck that swam across the lake and never lost a feather.

Little Dragon - Feather

chris on October 26 2009

single white male

Phoenix - Fences(The Soft Pack Remix)

alex on October 24 2009

so.. i still get a lot of e mails concerning our little scroll bar.. im not going to get into technical mumbo jumbo(what does that even mean? is that a dish? i'll have the mumbo jumbo with a side of fries please.) about why its fucked. however, i did come to a final conclusion.. think of left as rain as an old cabin house. sure, the doors may not close properly, or when you turn on the sink the power goes out, but even with those little defects that mother fuckin cabin has some character. character that you learn to love. ( i just saw 2000 people a week shake their head in dissapointment and say no alex...)